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supporting education for refugees

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Jesuit Refugee Service: A Commitment to Education

Education is not only a critical part of the emergency response when people are forced to flee, but quality education also ensures that refugees are able to access the economic opportunities needed for life. Jesuit Refugee Service works to ensure that education, which gives refugees physical and psychological safety, skills for dignified work and hope for the future, is accessible to all who are displaced.

Global Education Initiative

When we started the Global Education Initiative in 2015, we had two major goals to accomplish by 2020: bring our education programs to a quarter of a million refugees and raise $35 million to make that possible. We are excited to announce that 253,496 refugees participated in our education programs in 2018, which includes early childhood, primary and secondary education, teacher training and programs that help refugees learn what they need for life. We are only $6.7 million away from reaching our financial goal. 

We are so grateful to the thousands of you who are invested in our vision. Your generosity means that more than a quarter-million refugees now have access to education and training. Because of your contributions, we are bringing security, hope, and opportunity to displaced people. Education is a lifelong journey, and we want to continue to accompany these refugees wherever they are on that journey.

No matter where they end up, what refugees can always take with them is an education; it’s a tangible skill, an intangible asset which allows them to make a better life and a better contribution wherever they may call home.
— Fr. Thomas H. Smolich, S.J., JRS International Director

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