Jesuit Refugee Service: A Commitment to Education

Jesuit Refugee Service is dedicated to the education of children and young adults in programs that provide preschool, primary, secondary, and vocational livelihood training in 42 countries. 

Global Education Initiative

As the world faces record levels of forced displacement, JRS looks to expand our services to meet more of the ever-growing need. Built on centuries of Jesuit expertise, education is the cornerstone of JRS.

By 2020 we hope to open the doors of education to a quarter of a million students at a cost of $35 million. 

We rely on our partners--individual and institutional-- to join our commitment to give more children a seat in school. This website directly supports our Global Education Initiative. 

No matter where they end up, what refugees can always take with them is an education; it’s a tangible skill, an intangible asset which allows them to make a better life and a better contribution wherever they may call home.
— Fr. Thomas H. Smolich, S.J., JRS International Director